Helping children heal from the pains from divorce and separation!
Divorce and legal separation can leave children angry, hurt, and confused. What is more pathetic is that, these kids are the usual innocent victims, seeing themselves in the middle of a struggle they may not understand the causes. According to researches, children may turn out to blame themselves, while they’re often the innocent parties.
Children in Divorce is a non-for-profit organization, aimed at providing support to families, especially the children who are likely to be negatively affected through life if they do not find the essential help that they need to heal the hurt, anger and confusion that may ensue. We also help to connect families with organizations including churches, non-governmental and governmental organizations where you can seek assistance and advice about your situation. This website provides information about such places locally that you can seek immediate support at such a difficult time.
In some situations, Children in Divorce may not directly provide the support or minister to your necessity, but we can connect you to where you can get help. It is important to mention that, we welcome everyone irrespective religion, race, or nationality to seek help through us. However, but we need to declare that, our supports and associated activities are based on Christian faith guided by the biblical teachings.
What We Do For Kids: At present, our focus is to connect kids and parents with organizations locally such as church that can provide support. However, we intend to provide a blend, games, music, stories, videos and discussion that can help kids overcome any resulting stressful moments.
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